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Should I hire a real estate agent or sell privately ?

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There are many people who think that they have enough experience & knowledge to handle real estate deals and contracts by themselves.
There is a general idea that real estate agent are a waste of money when it comes down to making a deal for selling and buying a property, however one should be careful when making a deal in real estate market, here are few points that explain how important is to hire a property agent.

1- Property Frauds:

Chances of getting trapped in property frauds are higher in Pakistan. Selling or Buying of property is not an easy task, people think that they don’t have to worry while selling but reality is that they do have to, for example who is the buyer, what is he planning to do with it after buying property , timely transfer of money etc. Usually people don’t have time for investigating all this, so property agent is the right person to do it as this is the part of his job.

2- Property Deal offers

While making a deal it could be possible that you are miscalculating the value of your property. You might not have the complete information of the development plans of the area (where your property is located) and its worth. On the other hand property agent might have enough information of that area and current situation of the market. Also real estate agents can present your property in a different and attractive way before the potential buyer which can help you to get a good price.

3- Legalities

Buying or selling home involves a lot of complex legal procedures like land transfer, registration and many other things. Since this procedure is quite complex and long, it may take you months to transfer your property.  Better is to let your property agent handle all these legalities as he has the experience and can handle the things in a better way. 

4- Advice and Guidance

Never underestimate your property agent, as he will always try to make a good deal as his commission depends on the deal price of the property, so the better amount you will get the higher will be his commission. 
Agents can also be helpful if any difficult situation arises while making a property deal; your property real estate agent can really be helpful at that time and can give you a quick advice or guide you to overcome that difficulty. is one stop shop for real estate property for both residential and commercial sectors where you can list your property for free and it will be advertised to millions of potential online buyers.